Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MetroNaps and pzizz team up at Macworld 2008

Perhaps the best booth I've seen at Macworld is one shared by MetroNaps and Pzizz. They are offering 20-minute power naps in white egg-shaped recliner pods and are so popular that most attendees have been put on a wait list.

What does this have to do with Apple?

It turns out that once you climb inside, you put on a pair of noise-cancellation head phones and listen to a soothing male voice telling you to relax and get comfortable. The "brainwave stimulating" program, by Pzizz, is meant to help you sleep and improve your performance. It mixes ambient sounds, music and voice to help you either fall asleep at night or take a power nap.

And -- here's how Apple fits in -- the $69.95 (AUD) soundtrack is available on the Mac and can be transferred to your iPod, so you will never have problems sleeping, even if you don't have a cute little pod to sit in.

The pod, meanwhile, is available for corporations to rent and offer to employees (prices start at $15 per employee per month). Cisco and Google are apparently two of MetroNaps' customers. The recliner tilts you back and a door slides around so that you're enclosed from the waist up in the darkness of the pod. Once your time is up, the chair wiggles to wake you up.

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