Thursday, August 23, 2007

Australian companies are waking up to the benefits of keeping workers alert!

How does this translate to desk jobs? Just as a drowsy pilot is more likely to miss a radio call, a stock trader whose eyelids are drooping may have trouble pouncing on as many transactions as usual. "People think they're fine. They're not," says Dr. Mark Rosekind, president of Alertness Solutions, a Cupertino (Calif.) consulting company that trains executives in simple techniques for improving alertness at work.

Among Rosekind's tips: get more strategic about how you consume coffee. You'll get the maximum mental boost if you drink a cup one half hour before an important meeting or other business event. Sitting in a brightly lit room for just 15 minutes helps, too, as does exercise. And nap, of course. You won't necessarily lose if you snooze.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MetroNaps on Four Corners!

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Are you one of the million-plus Australians who spend their nights watching the minutes tick by, dreading the morning, knowing you’ll be exhausted? Some say it feels like dragging a piano around, an awful deadening weight.

So why are so many of us unable to sleep? For one in 20 Australians, sleep is no longer a given, it’s a luxury. Life is about being accessible and contactable 24 hours a day in a world that never slows down. From shift workers to new parents to those just stressed, sleep deprivation becomes a way of life.

Bizarrely for some it’s a badge of honour to see who can stay awake the longest. In Britain the makers of Big Brother have invented a ‘reality’ show, "Shattered". Contestants compete for more than $200,000 to see who can survive the longest on two hours sleep a night.

But sleep deprivation is no trivial matter with economists estimating insomnia and other sleep disorders are costing the community over $10 billion a year.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

MetroNaps helps New York typist into the history books!

Longest Guinness Computer Keyboard Typing Session To End 12 Noon June 29, 2007
(WebWire) 6/28/2007 5:00:28 PM

Champagne bottles will pop At 12 noon on June 29, 2007, in the window of Homestead Real Estate at 1216 Lexington Avenue (Lexington Avenue and 82nd street) when actor Norman Perez ends his four day typing session establishing the first record in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest period of typing on a computer keyboard.

The space that was originally planned to stage the first and longest computer keyboard typing session fell through. Homestead Real Estate of New York City provided their window and the lobby of their offices at 1216 Lexington Avenue in New York City.

In setting the first world record for the longest Computer Keyboard Norman Perez utilized a device called Letscrol - The Keyboard Assistant. The device enabled Perez to type in a state of relaxation without physical stress. Bill Barth inventor of Letscrol - The Keyboard Assistant changed the biomechanic position of the hand to mimic a piano player’s hand. A piano player does not have the same disorders as a keyboard typist.

Keith Phillips president of Process America of Los Angeles, California, challenged Norman Perez in a Burbank, California coffee shop when he saw him week after week continuously typing on his laptop computer to his personal manager Tami Lynn (Personal manager Christina Applegate - Married with Children") for work. Phillips said "I bet you can’t do that for days." Perez replied “I bet I can." Perez accepted the challenge. Phillips’ company will provide Perez financial support to pursue his career as actor.

Tomorrow by speaker telephone Perez’s theatrical manager Tami Lynn will inform him of a surprise as a result of the exposure he has gotten around the world during his quest to establish the first record for the longest computer keyboard typing session.

During the three day period Norman Perez had a proposal of marriage and one wealthy New York City socialite fell in love with his poster on the Internet. She told Norman that the only thing that prevented her from dating was her husband. Russian families in Moscow instant messaged Norman telling him that they had saw him on television and were cheering him on. Thousand of people around the world from Denmark to South Africa were instant messaging him. His hometown of Burbank, California placed him on page one of their website.
Hackers tried for three days to stop IM’s and attempted to gain access to his password. Computer technician Zahid Razack slept two hours each night to be able to ensure that the system was constantly secure and running.

Perez took his 20 minute power naps in a specially designed chair called the MetroNaps Energypod. The pod is designed to block out light and sound, allowing naps even in busy places.

New York actress/ massage therapist Silvia Tovar provided Perez with hourly massages over a period of 12 hours.

Christopher Tisa of Niceville, Florida acted as the official Guinness Book of records monitor for the four day period. He is currently with the Ford Modeling Agency in New York City.
Chris Harris of Harris- DeLorean Public Relations orchestrated the event. Harris staged the Longest Kiss in a New York City window with Dean DeLorean and Barbara Kane in 1983.

MetroNaps on Channel 9's What's Good For You

For all of you who didn't see it - MetroNaps appeared on Channel 9's What's Good For You program 25th June 2007.

They tested on the best way to beat the 3pm afternoon slump at work using:

- Exercise
- Fruit & Nuts
- Supplements
- Napping

and napping won by a country mile! Check it all out at:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

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