Thursday, August 23, 2007

Australian companies are waking up to the benefits of keeping workers alert!

How does this translate to desk jobs? Just as a drowsy pilot is more likely to miss a radio call, a stock trader whose eyelids are drooping may have trouble pouncing on as many transactions as usual. "People think they're fine. They're not," says Dr. Mark Rosekind, president of Alertness Solutions, a Cupertino (Calif.) consulting company that trains executives in simple techniques for improving alertness at work.

Among Rosekind's tips: get more strategic about how you consume coffee. You'll get the maximum mental boost if you drink a cup one half hour before an important meeting or other business event. Sitting in a brightly lit room for just 15 minutes helps, too, as does exercise. And nap, of course. You won't necessarily lose if you snooze.

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